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*Hello everyone, I have been writing a fan fiction for a long time but I have never been able to posting it up on here >.<. I don't think DA likes me because it just won't let me post a chapter up in the category I know it should be in. Any way, so for now I'm just going to up them up as Journals. Here is the Prologue and to the story and the general summary.

The beginning of my fanfiction for X-men Evolution. Aprill Lin Fisk, the daughter of Samantha and Wilson Fisk, always dreamed of living a normal life. So when she must run away from home at the age of five, she's suprised to find herself in Texas. When there, she finds her best friend and much more...

I have about twenty seven chapters of the story and working on twenty eight. All the chapters are on if you want to read the chapters faster then I put them up. I'll try to put up two or three a week until I get all of them up. I hope that you all enjoy the story and as a side note this is book one of my fanfiction.;)

All of the canon characters belong to Marvel :)*


The sun was beginning to rise that morning. To think that I've been married only six months, now I was in the closest hospital in Portland, Oregon. I was gasping as another wave of agony. Impatiently, I looked around at the pale blue walls in my room. There were pictures of yellow flowers in stained glass vases, pictures of God and Jesus with the bible and cross. Another wave of pain flashed threw my body, Where is Wilson! , I thought through clenched teeth. Wilson, my husband, should be here soon. Minutes passed before the door opened and a large figure walked in. He was a bald man with a round, but muscular face, with broad shoulders that made him look every strong. He was wearing a white tux with gold buttons and gold cuff links, with black slacks and black Italian loafers. He looked like a powerful and very important businessman. The door closed behind him, as his dark brown eyes found mine. It was Wilson at last. His honey-pine scent filled my lungs as I heard the beating of his heart. He was every worried about me, and I knew he wished that he was with me sooner than he did.

"Samantha, are you doing well my darling? I'm so sorry, I should have gotten here much sooner." Wilson asked thickly, as he came to my side. Another shot of pain flew through my body, and his face-hardened. Ever since he took the serum, it not just gave him my animal powers, but he also could feel my emotions as well. Wilson griped my hand with all of his strength, knowing that he couldn't hurt me. He kissed me lightly on my cheek with clouded eyes. I could tell that he could hear everything inside me, but my breathing was calm and heart beat faster due to his presence.

"For the moment, I'm fine. The doctor says that the twins will be due very soon. Wilson, are you sure you wish to stay?" It was hard to get the words out of my mouth as another wave started. Our two beautiful children will be born soon but, I do not wish to give Wilson pain. After all the things that we have been through to get to this moment, I wanted it to be perfect. It was clear that Wilson could hear the babies inside me. He knew that he would soon have two beautiful children to be proud of, and more importantly was that I was the mother of these kids. Wilson just smiled and nodded. He placed his free hand gently on my swollen belly. His eyes sparkled with pride as one of the babies kicked his hand. With a crack, he pulled his hand away laughing. With that, the doctor came in with a smile.

"Mister and Misses Fisk, it's time." The man said in a calm voice. His dark green eyes were focused at the clipboard on my bed. With jet-black hair in his face I was surprised to see that he could read it. The nurse hooked me onto the pain killers that I know wouldn't work at all. With my healing power there was no need for human pain killers, but I think that giving birth will be the most painful thing that I have ever done. At my side, Wilson still stood. He was reading my emotions that were going through the bond. I could tell he knew that this would hurt me greatly, but I wanted to have these kids more than anything else in the world. Wilson nodded at the emotions tied to those words. He had a soft look in his eyes as he glanced over in my direction. A smile played on his lips, with his hand brushing over my stomach once again. Wilson was trying so hard to act like a normal human being for the doctor at the current moment. It's taken us so long to learn to act like mortals, but by the look of it Wilson seems to be fooling the doctor quite well. In fact, he's carrying a normal conversation. Then, I started to think about the time that has passed, all the fighting I had to go through to be Wilson's wife. God only knows why he put me on this earth for almost a hundred year, and to think that it has only been only one year of those hundred that I have been Wilson's wife, and when Wilson himself stopped being a villain. That's when Wilson's expression hardened. He never liked talking about the past. The fact that I could have been his wife much sooner pained him a lot.

"Samantha, darling…there is no real need to think of that now is there?" Wilson questioned with round eyes. "You know just as well as me that life is behind us now…" he paused so that he could come closer to me.  "My immortal life with you and with these kids is my life now. My love for you, my darling Samantha, is what keeps me living. The bond that is between us will never go away, so now it is impossible to be away from you." Wilson speaks the last part in my ear calmly, and lets all his emotions flow through our special bond. Pure, clean love and affection was flowing into me. His love for me is so strong that it took my breath away. And my love for him, took his breathe as well. A grin came to his mouth as natural attraction took over in his eyes. "I love you, Samantha," Wilson spoke deeply; while, finally, his lips traced the curve of my chin and found my mouth. His mouth was warm and filled with passion as he kissed me with a burning hunger. Wilson's massive hand cupped the back of neck bringing me closer to him, while his other hand was rubbing my belly very gently. My hands found his throat as his kiss deepened. It was as if Wilson has not eaten for two days, and I was his source of food. The doctor was in the back room the whole time as my hands ran down the back of his neck. Wilson shivered lightly at my light touch, but before long he let my lips go so he could kiss the side of my neck. He groaned at the feeling, as I gasped for breath. Wilson murmured my name, as he came for gasped for air himself. Although he wanted to do much more he stopped himself. Wilson wanted to make sure that the birth was as painless as possible, and trying to have sex with me right now would not help. So, while both of us were still breathing really hard. Wilson stood up straight and faced the door as the doctor as he came back into the room. Wilson sounded completely normal, it was like what had just happened….never transpired, but I knew better, I could still hear his heart racing along with his emotions. He knew all too well what happened, and wished that they could have finished.

A half an hour later my muscles tightened, and pain shot through my body, and with all my strength I pushed my first-born out. Within minutes, I could hear a loud cry from the other side of the room as I fell limp gasping for breath. Wilson eyes widen as he looked at his first-born daughter, but before he could walk proudly over to the doctor to hold her, there was a loud CRASH! The window to the outside had blown open, and dust filled the air like mist. A dark figure stood in the opening, his face twisted into a snarl. The figure was muscular, and there were long weapons protruding from his fingers, almost like claws. Then, in a blink of the eye, the figure tackled the doctor to the ground, and grabbed my…. baby! Oh, my beautiful, sweet baby.

"Noooooo!" Wilson yelled, as the figure fled with the crying infant in its arms. With a burst of speed, Wilson dashed after the kidnaper. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I tried to protest, but my jaw clamped shut as a wave of pain shot through my body, and luckily it would be the last time I would feel it. With all the strength I had left, I delivered our second child. Slowly, I sat up, as I looked upon my little pink bundle of joy. It is a healthy, baby girl. She had my greenish-blue eye, but a hint darker, and a puff of light brown hair upon her head. A hint of black had shown though her light brown hair as the sunlight filtered in from the that dreaded hole. I picked her up, and held her as tight to my chest as I could, her first cries echoing in my ears. Wilson trudged back into the room a few seconds later, empty handed. He had a frown etched across his face as he looked up at me, but as soon as he caught sight of the child a huge smile swept across his face.

"So, what should we name her?" Wilson asked, with a pain in his heart. I knew that he felt that it was his entire fault that he had failed to save his first-born daughter, but we would talk about that later. Wilson was heartbroken, but he was glad to see his remaining daughter tucked away safely in my arms. He stood there for a moment admiring the child. It was as if he could not believe that this little girl was his at all.

"Come here, Wilson. Come hold your daughter." I said, as I calmly kissed the little angel in my arms. Wilson hesitated for a moment, I could tell he thought it was all a dream. "Oh come now, my love. She's yours…you just heard her inside me a few minutes ago. Trust me Willy…she and I are all entirely yours." Finally Wilson, slowly walks over to my side, and sits lightly down upon the bed. I hand her gently into Wilson's strong embrace. His eyes lit up, as he held her gently to him. The baby looked up at him with her round eyes and giggled. "See, she loves you, Wilson." I said, as I kissed his cheek. Then I started, to think of a name for my daughter.

That's when it hit me in the face. Well, seeing as it was the month of April, and the fact that I liked the month's title as a name in general, and the fact that it was my mother's middle name. I knew exactly what to name her now.

"I think we should name her Aprill…Lyn…Fisk." I said, with a big smile etched across my face. Wilson nodded, as he continued to stare down at his little Aprill. Wilson kissed Aprill on the forehead, and then brought his eyes slowly up to mine. He kissed me with passion, as the sunlight outside filtered once again into the room.

"She looks just like you." He sighed, as the kiss was broken when Aprill started to cry. I shushed her softly, as I gently took her from Wilson's arms. He didn't seem to want to her let go, but once he did he watched as I rocked her back and forth. "That sounds like a beautiful name, for a beautiful baby girl. You did wonderful, Samantha, darling, and I know that you will make a great mother." Wilson sighed once again, and kissed. I quickly told him through our bond that he would make a wonderful father as well. To answer me, he moaned again through our melted lips. I knew that we will be great partners, and we would show Aprill the world in ways that I never experienced when I was a child.

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